Senior sex: Tips for sex after 60


Senior sex tips

Now seniors can have satisfying sex too

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In this topic, we will discuss what hasn’t been discussed yet & that is senior sex, you might be wondering why suddenly this topic today, but we brought it today because people of our age are really open and fearless about sexual intercourses and intimacy, but getting older eliminates fears both mentally and physically and so it is genuinely important to be skill-full and being aware of the concern in order to have safe and healthy sexual intercourse in any age.

Talking about senior sex then sex isn’t the same as it used to be in our age — but it can still be amusing & satisfying. Well, some misconceptions state, sex isn’t just for adult youth. But most senior citizens still love sexual intercourse into their 80s and over.

A healthy & safe sex life for anyone is both satisfying and good for many other parts of your life too — such as your physical health, mental health, and self-confidence.

Senior sex: Known changes as men get older with time?

Any changes occurring to your body or lifestyle can make you go through vulnerable or uncomfortable situations — especially when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Changes your body may go through:

Body witnessing Low sex desire.

Feeling Uncomfortable or experiencing little pain during sexual intercourse.

Experiencing Erectile dysfunction.

Ejaculation changes (premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation).

Witnessing Changes in your body, hair, or genitals.

Experiencing Low strength or stamina

Having Lower fertility

Feeling exhausted or tired.

Feeling stressed or anxious.

Slow or sudden changes in your partner’s ability for sexual intercourse.

We understand that you might be a little worried about these changes. But remember, no matter what comes and what goes these changes won’t hamper or interfere with either your sexual intercourse activity. Instead being worried and giving up in such situations won’t help you overcome anything rather working on these changes will help you have a healthy and satisfying sex

Best sex positions for seniors

Know all about Spooning: One of the best sex positions for seniors

  1. Well, talking about spooning then it’s best known for the various cuddle position, and it’s more preferred as a go-to position for any time you want to have sex. Great Schwartz suggests making it the main attraction. To get maximum benefits, the male will cuddle the female from the back. Gradually the woman can either just press back against the man and he can permeate her from behind or lift a leg and he can enter from a specific angle. Well, It’s doggie style, but with no severe pressure on the knees.
  1. Backs: Backs are one of the best sex positions for seniors the reason is simple where both partners lie next to each other than the female throws one leg over the male’s leg or anywhere and then picks an angle to go through. This position is very comfortable for seniors because it doesn’t complicate too many things in the beginning rather it is smooth and satisfying.
  1. Chair position: Last but not least one of the best sex positions for seniors, as you must have guessed from the name that the situation demands a chair, well in this sex position the man will sit on the chair and then the woman will sit on him facing his side.

It’s important to note that the chair should be low down enough that the woman can easily put her leg on the ground.

No matter what position are you picking, no matter what situation are you in, in order to have healthy and safe sex it’s beneficial to not go hard and fast.

  Senior citizen sex

   The term senior here clearly states that the sex we are talking about is directed towards a senior citizen, so let’s begin putting on some light on Senior citizen sex and discover what is undiscovered till now.

Well, in order to keep the romance maintained and going then we have listed the key points popularly known as healthy sex tips for senior citizens so that no sex is left unfulfilled.

Healthy sex tips for seniors after 60: Senior citizen sex

1. Know what you want from your partner

In order to have a clear vision of what is your expectation then I guess 50% of problems get solved because you know you have a process to flow with, this assures clarity and satisfaction to both the partners, so next time you know what you want.

Know what you want from your partner
Bridge the communication gap
2. Bridge the communication gap

This key point is very important for partners to have sex of any age, rather in many situations it has been seen that desire remains unfulfilled because there remains no conversation between the partners, they don’t talk due to time issues, responsibilities, and various other issues, hence it’s important to even randomly drop a text, take out few minutes and give a call to check on each other.

3.Check on yourself:

This means that if your partner is having ED then it’s important to have a check with the doctors, also if you face any difficulty prior to sex or post sex just to know whether everything is okay or not, checking will leave you satisfied and build your confidence in order to deal with any situation crucially.

check on yourself
Follow a healthy diet
4. Follow a healthy diet:

Sex is the most crucial part of anyone’s life and diet plays one of the most important roles because if you are not healthy from the inside then you will not enjoy sex. The diet will boost stamina and confidence both, hence in order to remain satisfied and fulfilled and eat healthily.

5. Keep bringing newness to your sex life:

Repetitive routine not only creates bore in our life hence to keep going happily in your life all you need is newness and that can be done doing anything you feel happy doing the same goes with the sex, in most situations it has been seen that repeating the same sex positions can disturb the mood, so it’s better to try out different positions, different locations, foreplay, etc.

Keep bringing newness to your sex life
laugh together and cry together
6. Make sure you laugh together and cry together:

Before you misinterpret the whole concept let’s understand what we mean here. In this article, we focus on building a healthy and happy bond throughout life hence it’s important to crack jokes together, hang out somewhere, and share your sadness & anxiety this will definitely boost your confidence in any relationship, especially sex.

Do you know that Safe Sex Is Still Crucial?

Well, safe sex is not just a term but a completely healthy vibe, and in sex, STDs are equally risky diseases: Sex doesn’t discriminate against anyone. So if you’re quite sexually active, you’re a step forward to falling for STDs. Which include chlamydia, genital warts or herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, syphilis, trichomoniasis, etc. Also, the percentage of older people suffering from HIV and AIDS is growing at a comparative rate. Hence in order to avoid such mishappenings all you should do is always keep up on your occasional checkups and tests, use condoms, and keep up honest & transparent communication with your partner.

safe sex
Protection is not a need but a necessity:

and one should never forget that otherwise you and your partner could risk your life a bit toward STD. Unsafe sex can leave you in unsafe conditions sometimes, so the next time you are looking to have sex doesn’t forget to bring your protection.

ave healthy sex ahead!


Senior sex partner

Talking about senior sex partners then it’s important to have compatibility rather than focusing on what’s age.

Partners should understand right from the need to satisfaction level, especially when we talk about senior citizens.


What senior sex partners should understand!


  1. Compatibility: Compatibility here means the desire to understand everything without going wrong, and failing expectations lately hence it’s important to sit next to each other, have romantic talks, set the environment, and then you are ready to go.
  2. Honesty: To have sex the most important key factor is honesty, it’s always important, to be honest with your partner in case even if you liked something or else disliked it. Having an honest conversation will help you clear most misunderstandings & confusion also your partner will know what doesn’t have to be repeated.
  3. Desire to try something new: Repetitive routine not only creates bore in our life hence to keep going happily in your life all you need is newness and that can be done doing anything you feel happy doing the same goes with sex, in most situations it has been seen that repeating the same sex positions can disturb the mood, so it’s better to try out different positions, different locations, foreplay, etc


Know why Senior citizens come across emotional issues!


To be honest at any age, both mental & emotional issues can affect how you feel sexually. Well, sometimes this might turn out to be great news. In situations with fewer distractions, flexible time, and more privacy, and going stress-free about pregnancy — many older couples have happily reported better sex lives than ever before.


 Rather on the other side adults may feel stressed, and anxious due to prior health problems, financial instability, and other lifestyle changes. You should never forget that depression can lower your initial desire for sexual intercourse. Hence, in any case, if you think you are depressed, then it’s better to talk to your healthcare provider or preferred counselor.